Freedom of Expression

Short listed entry for the 2006 Monument to Freedom of Expression Competition by the Press Association of Madrid, Spain together with the COAM.

The monument explores the notion of a history documenting the freedom of expression. In this respect it explores and makes explicit the fragility of such a movement. A celebration of change is announced from periods of oppression and which in turn leaves a question mark to the future.

A steel panel, 1500 x 380 x 10 cm provides the foundation for the information. The panel responds to the existing building dimensions of scale and proportion and flex’s to the historical details applied to the façade. Within the panel structure a mathematical grid of 30 x 5 cm glazed openings are cut. The openings are fed by LED’s each colour coded providing an explanation of its position within the historical framework of the ‘freedom of expression’.

“Variety is the principal ingredient in beauty, simplicity is essential to grandeur.” – W. Shenstone 1714-63