Art Box, Cork, Ireland

Winners of the 2006 Art Box Competition held by the Arts Council of Ireland together with the RIAI

The art box explores the notion of space within a space.

An outer open web frame 12000 x 24000 x 12000mm high composed of rectangular white fibre reinforced plastic sections provides a platform and enclosure for the free standing art box.

The art box cube 5000 x 5000 x 4000mm high is positioned within the enclosure. A simple rectangular gallery space is accessed through a pivoting panel. The external wall faces are mirror polished to reflect the surrounding landscape. To facilitate concerts, lectures, films or exhibitions one panel of the box opens as a second pivot panel to expose the gallery providing a stage enclosure or film screen together with related services.

A carpet is used to provide a formal relationship between the two components and to provide a link to the outside world. The carpet is constructed in a transluscent panel resin fitted with a smart slab LED system. The LEDs are linked to a computer programme which monitor and respond to movement cycles within the art box.

“Variety is the principal ingredient in beauty, simplicity is essential to grandeur.” – W. Shenstone 1714-63