Exhibitions & Publications

Pandean Grange - residential project - large glass surfaces - Jose Soto Architects

2014: Galician Contemporary Architecture Guide. Cultural Centre, Spain

2013: Aproin. COAG GranDeArea Awards. Cultural Centre, Spain

2013: 25 Beautiful Homes. Ferdinand Street, London

2013: 1000 Tips by 100 Eco Architects: Guidelines on Sustainable Architecture

2012: Veredes.es Cultural Centre, Spain

2011: BSF (Building Schools for the Future). Exemplar Science Designs

2010: Birmingham School of Architecture. Practice Review

2009: Architectural Association. 05.03.09. Cultural Centre, Spain

2008: Building Design. 21.08.08. Cultural Centre at Pontevedra, Spain

2007: Expression of Freedom. Press Association of Spain

2007: Future Architecture December 2006. Art Box. Cork

2006: The Architects Journal 13.04.06. Art Box

2006: nib+icar travelling exhibition. Art Box. Porto, Portugal

2005: Architecture Week. Light at the End of the Tunnel. London

2005: Light at the End of the Tunnel. Shortlisted Entries. London

“Variety is the principal ingredient in beauty, simplicity is essential to grandeur.” – W. Shenstone 1714-63